The endowment’s financial structure follows the typical model for charities and other public institutions.

Its core holdings are invested in a conservative portfolio of financial instruments intended to preserve capital while generating a reliable flow of income. The endowment is held by a local bank and managed in a passive style; it is not a trading portfolio but rather preserves long-term value with moderate growth at low risk.

WEA must cover an annual budget for administration, including certain expenses that result from regulations on this kind of organization. The board so far has met those costs through fundraising activities, leaving the endowment itself to serve artistic ends.

The endowment fund is WEA's legacy enriching the  fabric of life in our communities. You can play a part. Donations and bequests are welcome. Corporate sponsorships are also available at various price levels. Specific bequests can be received, while the board hopes WEA can serve any worthy kind of art.

WEA's Charitable Organization Registration No. 86940 5563 RR0001

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WEA is dedicated to providing a permanent source of funding for regional artists and arts organizations. Through its foresight, vibrant Awards and Grants programming and dynamic leadership, WEA enhances and endows our community in immeasurable ways.

~ Sheila Wisdom, Community Leader

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