2016 Awards and Grants Recipients


     From left: Asil Moussa, Vincent Georgie, Chad Riley, Danah Beaulieu, Richard Householder, Rebecca & David Carovillano (Acclarion), Grant Munroe, Chris Rabideau, Irene Moore Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Branget (representing Spark Plug Players) Not pictured: Terrance Travis, Gina Lori Riley, Rep from Gibson Art Gallery



2016 Emerging Artist Grant Recipients                                                                   

Community Arts        Chris Rabideau

Literary Arts               Grant Munroe

Performing Arts        Spark Plug Players

Visual Arts                  Asil Moussa


2016 Arts Infrastructure Grant Recipients

Community Arts     Danah Beaulieu

Literary Arts            Terrance Travis

Performing Arts      Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises

Visual Arts               Windsor International Film Festival


2016 Elizabeth Havelock Grant in the Arts Recipient   Acclarion


2016 Arts Leadership Award Recipients 

Community Arts Leadership Award     Leamington Arts Centre

Literary Arts Leadership Award            Irene Moore Davis

Performing Arts Leadership Award     Richard Householder

Visual Arts Leadership Award              Gibson Art Gallery

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