The third full year of the CTO Pathway to Literacy for Kids program launched in January 2024 and will take place in Kindergarten classes at F.W. Begley Public School and Queen Victoria Public School in Windsor’s core. These schools have a large number of students new to Canada and/or new to English and who live in high-priority neighbourhoods.


Arts Can Teach is responsible for designing, delivering, supervising, and monitoring the CTO program at the schools. Their team of artist-educators is trained and experienced in Dance, Drama and Puppetry. They deliver the arts-based English Language Learning lessons in collaboration with Kindergarten teachers and language specialists.


The GECDSB will conduct 3 Language Diagnostic Tests throughout the year to measure the effectiveness of the artist visits on language learning acquisition among the kindergartners.


The Artist-Educators from Arts Can Teach will deliver 3 Teacher Professional Development workshops for 20 GECDSB Kindergarten teachers and 20 Early Childhood Educators.

Help Us CHANGE THE ODDS for Kids in our Community

Before the pandemic, elementary students in Downtown WindsorWest Windsor, and Leamington were performing below provincial averages on standardized testing compared to the rest of the region. The closure of the schools and the switch to online learning widened the learning gap significantly.

You can help us get our region’s most vulnerable kids back on track to improve their literacy skills and set them up for future success by sending in your gift today.

Our goal is to raise the remaining $10,000 needed to fund this year’s program by June 1st, 2024.



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