Changing the Odds Pathway to Literacy for Kids
2020 – 2025

We are grateful to the following donors who have supported our dream where children, artists and community benefit from arts-infused activities that support day-to-day learning.

Mark & Kelly-Lynn Abraham
Phil Alexander
Black Moss Press
Sally Blyth
Barry Brodie
Peter Burrell
Marilyn Chedour
Chorney Vision Centre
Paolo & Vicki Collavino
Nadine Deleury
Bianca DeLuca
Mary Louise Drake
Michael Dufresne
Michael Dunwoody
Doug & Randi Fox
Laurie Fox
Generator Design of Canada
Mina Grossman-Ianni
Lynn Guest
Nora & Kevin Harvey
Kai Hildebrandt
Dr. Richard Householder
Jackman Foundation
Diana Kelly
Ilias Kiritsis
Crystal Kotow-Sullivan

Lenore Langs
Alexander Lanoszka
Julia Lee
Carol Libby
Lynda Mailloux
Cathy Masterson
Donna Jean Mayne
Kathleen McClellan
Sandy McClellan
Dr. Kathleen McCrone
Morris & Beverly Baker Foundation
Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince LLP
Mary Ann Mulhern
Jeff Nanson
Nancy Nosanchuk
Kirby O’Connor
Lana Oppen
Janet Ouellette
Sara Paget
Nicholas Papador
Cheryl Parent
PCR Construction
Richard Pollock
Tom Porter
Reiter Foundation
Emmanuelle Richez
Rodney Fund – OCF
Jennifer Rooke
Rotary Club of LaSalle Centennial
Katherine Roth
Peter & Ann Roth
Bernie & Nicole Rourke
Carolyne Rourke

Scottish Rite Charity Bingo
Vanessa Shields
SHO Art, Spirit and Performance
Ninia Sotto
Stuart & Suzanne Selby
Sound Tower Inc.
Michael Stasko
Kathleen Marilyn Stecher
Keith Taylor
Lynn Teahan
Drs. Donald & Barbara Thomas
Jennifer Trymbulak
Lionel Walsh
Lynne Watts
Madie & Arthur Weingarden
Janet Woodbridge
Bill & Jean Wright
Barry and Stephanie Zekelman Foundation
Anonymous (4)

Foundational Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have provided a strong foundation on which WEA can build.

Odette Foundation
The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation
Jackman Foundation
The University of Windsor
Caesars Windsor CARES
The City of Windsor
Carolyne Rourke

Sustaining Donors

We are grateful for the support of these donors over many years.

Barry & Stephanie Zekelman Foundation
Carolyne Rourke
Chandisherry Foundation
Generator Design of Canada Inc.
SHO Studios
Tom Porter, Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince LLP
Mark Abraham, TD Wealth Management
St. Clair College
Alumni Association, University of Windsor

Windsor Port Authority
Lynn Teahan
Robert and Mary Weingarden
Chorney Vision Centre
Anne Winterbottom
Bill and Jean Wright

Gifts in Tribute 2023

Gifts in memory of a loved one, or in honour of a special occasion or special person are always welcome. It is our privilege to pay tribute to the person you love.

In Support of The Baker Foundation Youth Grant in the Arts

Georgina Burns
Mary Louise Drake
Jacqueline Eisenberg
Doug Fox
Julia Lee

David & Susan Sellick
Lynn Teahan
Art Weingarden
Jerome Weingarden

In Honour of Dr. Lois Smedick

Anne Forrest
Patricia McConville
Janet Ouellette
Katherine Quinsey

Stuart & Suzanne Selby
Lynn Teahan
Bill & Jean Wright

The Steinway Grand Piano

The Jackman Foundation
The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation
The Barry and Stephanie Zekelman Foundation
Haden McKay

Katherine Roth
Carolyne Rourke
Kathleen Marilyn Stecher



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Web: www.wea-arts.com