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Step 1 - Preparation Checklist

Please ensure you have reviewed the ELIZABETH HAVELOCK GRANT CHECKLIST and have all documentation prepared prior to proceeding with the application here. To verify this is complete, please check all boxes to ensure you have all the required information ready for the application process. All boxes must be checked complete in order to proceed.

It is strongly advised this application is completed on a large screen device such as a desktop or laptop.

Please note your work will NOT be saved if an error occurs. It is strongly advised you type your answers in a Word Doc. or similar format beforehand and then copy and paste to the application form to save you time and frustration.


Step 2 - Application Page 1

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Step 3 - Application Page 2

What should the jurors know about you and your work? Give a general introduction of your work, a body of work, or a specific project.

What are you planning to create? If applicable, give a synopsis of the story and/or describe the themes you will explore in this project. Please write in paragraph form with complete sentences.

Describe the style and format of the work. What is your approach to the material? Describe any distinct visual, auditory, or technical elements that will make this project unique. Please write in paragraph form with complete sentences.

Project Partners

Only include those who have confirmed their partnership.

Step 4 - Letter of Support

Letter of Support

Please provide the name of the person writing the letter of support on your behalf

Step 5 - Send Application and Confirm

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