Youth Arts Grant Application Form

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Step 1 - Preparation Checklist

Please ensure you have reviewed the APPLICATION CHECKLIST and have all documentation prepared prior to proceeding with the application here. To verify this is complete, please check all boxes to ensure you have all the required information ready for the application process. All boxes must be checked complete in order to proceed.

It is strongly advised this application is completed on a large screen device such as a PC or laptop

Step 2 - Application Page 1

Please enter a valid Canadian Postal Code ( Ex. N8R2R7 )

Please enter a full phone number including area code ( Ex, 519-123-4567)

Ex. Pianist, Dancer, Visual Artist, Poet

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Step 3 - Application Page 2

Please select the grant category you are applying for

Tell the jurors about you and your work. Questions to think about before writing: Why do you like to make art? Who and what inspires you? What are your goals and aspirations as an artist? What subjects and materials do you use? Why? What do you see in your work? What do other people say they see? What have you done to commit to your development as an artist? What has been your involvement in the local arts community?

List your education, extra-curricular arts education or activities, art-related employment, exhibitions, press publications, performances, awards, collaborations and recognitions.

Step 4 - Letter Of Reference

Letter Of Reference

Please provide the name of the person writing the letter of reference on your behalf

Please attach PDF letter of reference here for file upload. Only files with the ".PDF" extension will be accepted. Maximum 15MB in size.

Step 5 - Image or Works List

Every document – including but not limited to images, samples or documentation of recent work – must be listed on the Image or Works List. Each line should include an explanatory title, the source, the date of completion or publication, and the medium. (i.e. Photographs of Youth Craft Fair. June 1, 2019. 01.craft_fair.2019.jpg)

Please paste or type all lists of documents to be uploaded / supplied for submittal in the text area below

Step 6 - File Submittal

A portfolio of work is required. Please click on the link to upload all images and documentation for the jurors to review. The following restrictions apply:
  • Still Images – No more than ten (10) images may be submitted in total. All images should be in .JPEG format.
  • Video or Audio Clips – no more than two (2) video clips or audio tracks may be submitted. The length may not exceed three (3) minutes. All video and audio submissions must be works that were filmed or recorded by the applicant, except in the case of performing artists, who may submit a promotional or gallery-produced video.
  • Additional Supporting Documents – no more than five (5) scanned pages in PDF format of relevant newspaper clippings, reviews, or related documents that support the impact of the applicant’s work on the local community.


Please click the We-Transfer link below to SELECT ALL FILES for upload at ONE TIME. Once upload shows complete, please click NEXT button to proceed to the next step

If there are multiple files, please be sure to select all these during the We-Transfer pop-up selection window at one time. No second upload option will be available, and you may be forced to restart the application if files are not included.


Step 7 - Send and Confirmation

Please hit SEND below to submit the full application to our team. You should receive a "Success" confirmation here on the web page, and an email confirmation. If you receive an error, please note your application has not been submitted successfully and we encourage you to try again.




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